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Curbside Pick-up! A COVID-19 special

At Sugar Love, we've always offered shipping across the country and into Canada. In fact, way back in 2015, we were only an online shop for some time. So during this unprecedented time of social distancing, quarantining and plain ol' home-bodyness, we're already set up to fulfill those orders.

What is new to us though, is offering curbside pick-up for the Reno Tahoe area! Read more for dates and hours available.

March 26, 2020 — Krysta Bea Jackson
Woohoo - milestones abound!

Woohoo - milestones abound!

A busy time in the store!Holy moly! It's already our first anniversary of filing the legal paperwork that made Sugar Love an almost reality! And now the store has been open 90 days which definitely has made Sugar Love an actual reality :) So much can and has changed in a year and I'm so thankful for all the support you and so many others have shown me in the last year of ups and downs. THANK YOU!

Now that I've got this store up and running - what's on the agenda? Besides creating new and surprising flavors (Peruvian ground cherries!), I'm working on writing that darned tome of a business plan. It's necessary in order to get a small business loan to expand into my own commercial kitchen (hopefully this summer) and maybe even that second location in the Bay Area (this fall maybe??). 

So if you drop by the store and I'm typing away on my laptop, no I'm not *just* on Facebook, I'm likely also working on my 27th spreadsheet of possible scenarios for Sugar Love to dominate the world! (insert evil laugh track here)


February 09, 2016 — Krysta Bea Jackson
Big plans for Valentine's Day and beyond!

Big plans for Valentine's Day and beyond!

This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to the Bay Area for two reasons: to attend one of the largest food conventions in the world and to scope out potential second locations! I found this awesome place called Swan's Market in Oakland and fell in love.

Did you know that today is the first day of my last semester in the master's program at UNR? Thank goodness! And also ack!! 

I've decided on the two special recipes for February and have a good idea of what the production schedule is going to look like for the next few weeks - but I'm a little nervous! If you could take this survey, it will really help me out with planning for my first ever Valentine's Day rush!

January 20, 2016 — Krysta Bea Jackson
The store is almost open!

The store is almost open!

I feel like I've said that before - but we're almost open! I'm hoping that we'll be open on November 1st!

Fantasies in Chocolate, a Reno tradition celebrating chocolate and good times, will be my unofficial debut to the world! Woo-hoo! In Reno on Saturday, November 7th and want to come out and try my newest flavor: Banana Foster Caramel in dark chocolate? Buy a ticket today at the Fantasies in Chocolate website.

Banana Foster Caramel

October 28, 2015 — Krysta Bea Jackson

When will the store open?!

That seems to be the phrase I hear the most lately! I applied for the business license and permitting with the City of Reno over a month ago. 

And yet here we are...

The lucky thing for me is that all this sitting around waiting to be approved had allowed me to tighten up some operational questions I had, order new equipment (guess who just received a big and heavy package from Europe??) and experiment with new recipes. So online sales now should be nearly perfect and hopefully flawless for you as customers. And remember, should you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me via social media or email

September 10, 2015 — Krysta Bea Jackson