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We love working with the freshest and most un-adulterated ingredients possible. We take pride in finding the best ingredients because they create the best flavors.

Quick Introduction to Sugar Love

Sugar Love Chocolates uses real ingredients from around the world to create unique flavor combinations. We pride ourselves on creating imaginative confections from classic recipes to always bring you something new to experience. A distinctive gift for any occasion, send some Sugar Love today! 

Started in 2015 as primarily a chocolate shop, 2020 brought interesting changes and challenges! So now our brittles take center stage and are sold in small retailers all over the country!

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History of Hard Candy

History of Hard Candy

The history of hard candy is a sweet tale that stretches back centuries. The origins of hard candy can be traced to ancient civilizations where early confectioners boiled sugar and honey to create primitive forms of candy. Today, hard candy remains a beloved treat worldwide, enjoyed for its nostalgic appeal and wide variety of flavors.
The switch to paper wrappers for our caramels!

The switch to paper wrappers for our caramels!

An explanation for the switch from our cellophane wrappers to paper wrappers for our caramels. Same great caramel recipes, just slightly new look!
Display of chocolate bars from Sugar Love Chocolates

Update for Sugar Love

Woah... what a year, huh? I was thankful to have July mostly off (I did cook for and go to the weekly Tuesday market), August was filled with recovery (what do I do now? How will Sugar Love survive this devastation in revenue? etc) and now September will be the month of planning for the holidays!