Below are some of the most common questions that Sugar Love gets about the confections and ordering online. If you don't see the answer you're seeking, feel free to reach out at or call (800) 479-9830

What's the modern twist mentioned in your slogan?

So the slogan "classic confections with a modern twist" just sums up the company perfectly! I take classic recipes of confections loved by generations and play around with the expected flavor outcome. Yes I make traditional peanut brittle, but goodness the bourbon pecan is my most popular and best loved! And the smoked salted caramels are not allowed in my house, or I will eat myself out of a business! haha

Are the confections gluten free?

We're happy to say that our kitchen is gluten-free. While we have no official gluten-free certifications, there is nothing in the kitchen made with gluten. Once I can afford that certification, you know it'll be plastered everywhere!

Is anything vegan?

Sorry but no, my family is from the south so I don't know how to cook without butter. If you are trying to avoid dairy, the marshmallows are dairy free.

Are the candies peanut free?

All the equipment is shared and peanut oil is known to transfer easily from surface to surface. I would caution anyone with a severe peanut allergy to not indulge in anything from Sugar Love. That being said, the only item made with peanuts is the peanut brittle so someone with a mild irritation would likely be just fine indulging in one of our other goodies. 

When do you ship products out?

To make sure your goodies aren't sitting in a post office somewhere, possibly melting, we ship out Monday through Wednesday to across the United States. Thursdays we will ship to certain west coast locations. During the cooler months (October through April), shipping will occur six days a week. 

I'm interested in doing a large order or special project, how do I get information about that?

Easiest way is to email me directly at It may take a bit to respond, so please give me at least four-six weeks before you would need the products in hand so we can work out the details and I can add it to the production schedule.

Do you donate items to charities for fundraisers?

I do, but since I'm such a small business I've learned that I have to restrict my giving so I don't donate my way to needing donations myself! I love providing items for charities that house and feed either people or pets. Please do reach out if your charity meets those requirements at