At Sugar Love, we believe that chocolates and confections should be treated like every other food we consume: they should be high quality and made with the best ingredients. And you should be eating with all your senses which is why we pride ourselves on beautiful looking and tasting chocolates. So with these two guiding posts, we aim to create chocolates that will delight your eyes and then your palate with ingredients hand selected and imported from all over the world.

We've had the good fortune to be featured on the KNPB Arteffects program in the fall of 2016. You'll get a glimpse into the chocolate making process, recipe inspiration and all that it encompasses to create a confection from the beginning. Watch the video by clicking on the image of our strawberry balsamic truffle below (and watch from 19:25 - 25:00 for our section):

Image of strawberry balsamic truffles from video by Art Effects


In 2019, we were named best chocolate shop in the state of Nevada as well as receiving the "Swimming Upstream" award from the Nevada Business Magazine, an award for women small business owners. As seen in or on:






Krysta Bea Jackson in the kitchen of Sugar Love Chocolates, holding tray of chocolates in process

Hi there - my name is Krysta Bea Jackson and I'm the founder and chocolatier of Sugar Love Chocolates. I have lived in the world of good food from my earliest memories in my mom's restaurant. I quickly learned that good food has got to be the best way to bring joy and show love. Yes, my family is from the south, how did you know? And if you hear me talk, you'll know I was raised on the west coast - man what I'd give for a southern accent! I started Sugar Love in February 2015 after a winding path brought me back to my passion: real ingredients that taste really good, especially when it comes to chocolate. 

As I have delved deeper into the high-end side of chocolate, I've found my artistic voice. I love creating interesting flavors that may only be in the store for one batch or releasing collections at different times of the year. Often, an inspiration point outside the edible world is what fuels me to make the next flavor. This is what lead to us being the first ever chocolatier of Artown in 2017. I have found my tribe in the collaborations between foodies and artists.

And through it all, I remind myself of why I am doing what I am doing: to slow down and enjoy what's truly good in life. For me that is friends and family, pets, good food and creative curiosity. So take a moment to savor the flavor with a glass of wine, whiskey or great conversation.

Let us know any questions you may have! or (800) 479-9830