Custom and Branded Gifts

We’re a popular destination for gift giving of all sorts – from little thinking-of-you gifts to annual corporate gift giving. And that leads to a lot of inquiries about creating custom gifts. And I love being able to do them!

We really shine when it comes to custom gifts as we love making sure your branding is an integral part of the gift. Clients should be reminded of you as they enjoy! The options can be quite limitless, but the most common options are to get your logo on the chocolate bonbons and getting custom packaging. Custom packaging, which can be a simple as a ribbon with your logo and our standard boxes, is likely the most cost-effective option we have. And the lead time is only three to four weeks (though we’ve been able to hit deadlines up to two weeks with rush order processing). The minimums are 24 packages and discounts begin at $600 in retail purchases (in other words, before the discount).

Getting your logo on our chocolates is the ultimate in wow factor! Let your clients see your brand and then experience a wonderfully beautiful flavor for the full effect of your brand. Is your brand bold and piquant? Maybe a flavor with peppers. Is your brand classy and for adults? Maybe cognac or some other decadent spirit. Is your brand a timeless crowd-pleaser? Then I highly suggest our French dark chocolate – you just can’t go wrong. We have roughly 50 in-house recipes to meet your need. Minimums are only 72 pieces (and become incredibly cost effective after 200+ pieces) and we need about five to six weeks to get all those ducks in a row.

And if you want to create special flavor, one that can only be found with your logo on top (perhaps you distill a spirit and would like it inside, or have a flavor profile that meets your brand beautifully that we don’t have in house already), we can do that as well! In fact, I get ridiculously excited and challenged by these requests! Minimums for these types of orders are 72 pieces of chocolate and we need about six to eight weeks to craft and deliver that precise recipe for you.

Something that we’re often asked about, and sadly cannot usually fulfill, is one-off, customized gifts. We would love to celebrate your grandmother’s ninetieth birthday but cannot spell out her name in chocolates in one box. While it would be a blast to do such orders, our production is too small and tight to meet such custom small orders. But if you wanted to get favors for everyone that attended her party, might we suggest getting custom ribbon? That’s much more affordable and we can meet that need as it arrives.

We look forward to working with you! For more information, call us at (800) 479-9830 or email at

Lots of Sugar Love and until next time,

xo KB

August 05, 2019 — Krysta Bea Jackson