Display of chocolate bars from Sugar Love Chocolates

Woah... what a year, huh? I was thankful to have July mostly off (I did cook for and go to the weekly Tuesday market), August was filled with recovery (what do I do now? How will Sugar Love survive this devastation in revenue? etc) and now September will be the month of planning for the holidays!

And exciting news!! Barring any 2020 type changes in plans, I'll be moving into our new shared commercial kitchen on October 1st! It's been a crazy time trying to find the right, affordable space with an awesome roomie. I can't wait to officially announce! Stay tuned for the details.

Being in a commercial kitchen will allow me to chase after wholesale accounts, so you should soon see Sugar Love popping up in your favorite shops. Have a suggestion on a shop I should be carried in? Email me as I can always use help finding new potential spots.

Finally, I've created a whole slew of new flavors of brittles and caramels, so check them out.

And as a last thought, I just want to express my gratitude to the Sugar Love fans that have been with me from the beginning and those who have also stuck around through this crazy year. It's not been a easy year for anyone, especially anyone owning a small business, and I haven't always been at my best. I thank you for your patience, compassion and understanding. And more importantly, thank you for your continued belief in my dream!

Lots of Sugar Love,

Krysta Bea

September 01, 2020 — Krysta Bea Jackson