Thank you from Sugar Love!
November is the month for giving thanks, and for me it feels even more appropriate since November 28, 2015 is when I first opened the doors to this crazy little retail shop. Making this Small Business Saturday our two year anniversary!

This past year in particular has been one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life. My house flooded, I lost the lease on my big expansion plans for the business, and then I lost the business funding attached to that, my grandmother died rather suddenly, my dog of over ten years had to be put down, and I've had stress upon stress about meeting deadlines and bills due as every entrepreneur feels at this point of the game.

However, I was also the first ever Chocolatier of Artown, grew my recipe book by about 38 recipes in 2017, studied under one of the best chocolatiers in the world, partnered with amazing vendors and makers in the area, presented my chocolates to local government, was mentioned by Bloomberg as one of the reasons to move to Reno, and most importantly, have met so many wonderful people like yourself who can appreciate my nerdiness for chocolate and food at large.

So thank you! The late, late nights and the early mornings when I was either crying from stress or making another batch of Earl Grey Tea truffles, those stressful times were completely justified by every passionate talk about ingredients or online review that praised my work. The whole reason I created this company was to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, because really, that's all we have. Sometimes I get too focused on growth curves or how well that other company is doing, but then one of you will come in and tell me your latest travel stories and the interesting things you learned and ate. And I remember that why I do this business is to connect with you, and food just happens to be the avenue.

All this emotional rambling is to tell you who have been through thick-and-thin with me, thank you. Every small gesture, every time I hear "this is the best chocolate," and all the online reviews, mean the absolute world to me. Thank you, and I hope you have an amazing season - may your Thanksgiving be filled with food and your holidays with traditions from your family. 

Here's to another crazy year for Sugar Love!
xo Krysta Bea
November 01, 2017 — Krysta Bea Jackson