Chipotle Cashew Brittle

$ 8.00

I am always on the look out to make a traditional recipe new and interesting. I've been playing around with different nuts and seeds while building out our brittle recipes, but the cashew brittle needed an extra oomph and the chipotle flakes are perfect!

The chipotle flakes are added just before being taken off the heat, so instead of every bite being fire (like if I had cooked the recipe with the pepper the entire time), you get pockets of heat in some bites of the sweet brittle. And this little bit of surprise makes this brittle my favorite, as I’m always looking for the next bit of heat.

Do you know why cashews are so special? Because every fruit from the cashew tree only provides one nut, and they are still harvested by hand! Enjoy this slowly produced ingredient still harvested by hand and made into brittle by hand, and remember what makes the good life good: enjoying the good things slowly!


Ingredients: sugar, cashews, corn syrup, water, butter, vanilla, baking soda, chipotle flakes

Allergen warning: may contain dairy, tree nuts (pecans, almonds, pistachios, cashews), soy and peanuts. Gluten-free kitchen. While there are no peanuts in this recipe, it is all shared equipment, and so anyone with severe peanut allergies should not ingest as peanut oil can spread so easily.

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