Almond Brittle

$ 8.00

Almond brittle is a delightful confection that combines the satisfying crunch of roasted almonds with the irresistible sweetness of brittle candy. The almonds add a sweet nutty richness to the brittle, enhancing its depth of flavor and providing a satisfying bite. Whether enjoyed as a standalone treat or crumbled over ice cream or yogurt, almond brittle is a classic indulgence that promises to delight the senses with its irresistible combination of sweet and nutty goodness.

This flavor of brittle is what started us on the path to all our other flavors! Finding the right grower for these beautiful almonds spurred this creation and I’m so thankful we tried it out as it’s one of our best sellers still.

Ingredients: sugar, almonds, corn syrup, water, butter, vanilla, baking soda

Allergen warning: may contain dairy, tree nuts (pecans, almonds, pistachios, cashews), soy and peanuts. Gluten-free kitchen. While there are no peanuts in this recipe, it is all shared equipment, and so anyone with severe peanut allergies should not ingest as peanut oil can spread so easily.

As with many of our products, this brittle is available for wholesale. Contact us at to get more information!