Peppermint Marshmallows

$ 6.00

Our popular marshmallows with a holiday twist: peppermint! The traditional vanilla marshmallow with a dash of peppermint oil and some peppermint hard candy pieces worked in. While commercial marshmallows are made through an extrusion process which results in a firmer and chewier candy, these are whipped to slowly introduce air which makes for a softer bite. I also replace some of the corn syrup with honey, giving these a softer sweet with more flavor than your average marshmallow.

Perfect for dropping into a hot beverage or just to snack on! These marshmallows are about 1.5" square and about 1" tall.  Each bag comes with six big marshmallows.

INGREDIENTS: sugar, corn syrup, honey, gelatin, peppermint hard candy, vanilla and peppermint extracts with dusting of powder sugar, corn starch mixture