Bourbon Pecan Brittle

$ 8.00

Well, well, well! You are lucky enough to have found our most popular product by far! I am happy to say I make pounds and pounds of this recipe every week, it’s never not on my production list.

The small batch bourbon pecan brittle is not only our most popular flavor, but probably the most unique too! We take bourbon from Kentucky, pecans from Georgia and combine it to make the most appreciated brittle we offer. Customers have often messaged saying we forgot an ingredient, and whatever that is, it’s addictive! Lol

I created this recipe during the beginning stages of the lockdown in 2020, and it has carried me through the darkest of years. The greatest strife may have created my greatest product yet! With great challenges, come great opportunities!

Ingredients: sugar, pecans, corn syrup, water, butter, bourbon, vanilla, baking soda

Allergen warning: may contain dairy, tree nuts (pecans, almonds, pistachios, cashews), soy and peanuts. Gluten-free kitchen. While there are no peanuts in this recipe, it is all shared equipment, and so anyone with severe peanut allergies should not ingest as peanut oil can spread so easily.

As with many of our products, this brittle is available for wholesale. Contact us at to get more information!